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Delight you favourite doll with elegant classic furniture
custom-made of natural wood for dolls from 10" up to 25"

My name is Oleg Shoda. I am very pleased to showcase my work on this website. I make furniture for antique, artist, BJD and any other style dolls...

The design of each new piece of furniture or interior is based on the characteristic features of some historical style. All products are made of natural wood (mostly beech) and plywood may be used for some non-facing details...

I come up with my own designs or develop new item according to your request and size specifications...


Oleg Shoda production of doll chair and other furniture

Explore the Collection

You will find all main items in section Gallery. Almost every product is shown in different sizes and color versions. Therefore you can choose the option you like in the photo or propose your own.

Please don't be discouraged if the dimensions shown in Gallery do not suit you - they are given for quidance only. If necessary the dimensions of the product are adjusted to you wishes at no additional charge.

New products and events

Thanks to this section of the website you will not miss new products. Also in this section it is planned to place interesting information about doll furniture.



For any queries regarding orders, purchases, or any other additional information about the products, kindly do not hesitate to get in touch via

Information sent. Thank you!

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