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CURULE chair, type C, scale 1:3, 1:4, 1:6

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  • This model can be made in different sizes according to your doll proportions. Below are average sizes just for reference:

    scale seat height seat width total height
    1:3 13cm (5.1") 18cm (7.1") 32cm (12.6")
    1:4 10cm (3.9") 13cm (5.1") 24cm (9.4")
    1:6 7.5cm (2.9") 10cm (3.9") 17cm (6.7")


  • For a long time I thought chairs of this construction are named curule chairs. It's nme of ancient Rome folding chairs-thrones (sella curulis, possibly from currus - chariot). These were not just simple camping seats, but ornate thrones - insignia of senior officials who, according to their status, were supposed to communicate with subbordinates exclusively while sitting even on the battlefield.

    But those chairs were constructed without backrest, quite uncomfortable indeed! As it turned out, more comfortable variations of curule chair with a backrest were introduced at Renaissance times in the wake of the passion for everything antique.

    And in the romantic and eclectic 19th century the third wave of interest began, now to the Renaissance variation of curule chairs, and replicas of medieval chairs were given names of th titans of Renaissanse. Luther, Savonarola, Dante. My version is closest to what was called "danteska"

    Why exactly these names? Most likely, quite by accident. Therefore I will allow myself to call this chair "curule", at least this name has some historic justification.

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